"Experience separates good psychologists from others with fewer and more proficient sessions"
    Choosing to see a professional for issues in your life can be difficult but also life changing.  Many postpone seeking help because they believe doing so acknowledges failure on their part.  Why?  We seek the help of experts all the time and what is more important than your quality of life? Consulting with an educated, neutral party to act in your best interest can be time well spent.  And if you decide to spend the time and invest in counseling, make sure that it is with someone that qualifies. 
       Choose a licensed psychologist with a doctoral degree (Ph.D. or PsyD.), both have over 10 years of education in the field of psychology, extensive internships and comprehensive licensing exams.  Others have far less education, if any.  Also, consider tthe therapist's approach to therapy.  I use a straightforward approach (psychobabble available upon request) with brief, solution-oriented sessions implementing a cognitive behavioral therapuetic (CBT) approach.  
       Experience also separates good psychologists from others with fewer and more proficient sessions. My  25+ years of professional experience and my life experience contributes to the empathetic perspective I use to relate to each person I see.  I also believe it is the reason 90% of my practice is referral based and why so many other psychologists in the area seek my services. 
     DO NOT COMPROMISE.  Find an educated, licensed, experienced professional that you can relate to. Think about what it took to get you here and the importance resolving this issue can have on your life.