“I use a straight-forward approach with fewer sessions”

“I use a straight-forward approach
with fewer sessions”

Dr. Hensling will provide a receipt for payment following each session. ​The receipt may be used for any insurance reimbursement. 


Individual sessions are @ 60 minutes in length. Some individuals prefer longer sessions and that can be arranged at the time the appointment is scheduled.


Couple sessions are typically @ 60 minutes in length.  Dr. Hensling will meet with each person privately prior to the first session as a couple, and may do so as needed throughout the therapeutic process. 


Family sessions are 60 to 75 minutes in length.  Individual sessions may be arranged following the initial meeting as needed.


Divorce mediation and co-parenting sessions are primarily conducted with individual sessions for each person with meetings as a couple kept to a minimum.


Custody evaluations are usually initiated by each parties attorneys or the presiding judge. Each parent will be consulted initially and sessions will be arranged with the children involved with each parents’ participation shared to avoid any bias.  


Testing sessions vary in length dependent upon the nature of the psychological assessment needed.  Reports will be written and results explained following testing session.

 Weekend / Holiday sessions are available occasionally when scheduling allows.

NOTE:  A 24 hour notice to cancel any scheduled appointment is appreciated, as there is often a waitlist of someone that would like that appointment if you are unable to make it.  You will be charged a fee if that courtesy is not provided.