While I acknowledge the importance of my education, I also appreciate the role my experiences have played in allowing me to relate so well to others. Allow me to share some of those with you...
I survived an abusive childhood that my mother and sister unfortunately did not.  And it was my grief and desire to become stronger than my past that led me to counseling. A process that clearly changed my life.
My husband and I married in 2000 with his twins and my son (from former marriages) at our sides. A year later we adopted my niece when my sister passed away  -  His, Hers & Ours.
In 2010, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and learned the importance of family, friends, a good attitude and how unimportant hair is. 
So there you have it.... abuse, death, divorce, blended family, adoption and cancer, just to name a few of life's lessons that I didn't value at the time but have grown to appreciate.
Clearly,  do not adhere to the the traditional rules of counseling that discourage self-disclosure, humor or an occasional hug. I'm human just like you. I want you to “feel like you are talking to a neutral friend that you have hired to act in your best interest”.  I think my professional and personal experience contribute to my straight-forward approach which allows for a more direct route to answers and self discovery.